Love and Sex Among the Ruins (1996)
Reviewed by: griffinsabine on 2003-05-16
Summary: A spoiler free review of a wonderfully understated show
If the protagonist was any younger, I would say that this was a coming of age story. It shows a young man’s journey of self-discovery, his rite of passage as he learns more about sex, love, relationships, himself and life in general through the people he meets. The film shows how the introduction of sex, or lack of it, affects the characters’ relationships, attitudes, views, perceptions and behaviour, as well and its proper place in the grander scheme of life.

Excellent editing, acting and the judicious application of unfamiliar music and tunes that subtly eases the viewer into the appropriate mood, makes the movie a real treat for anyone who is up for a little light-hearted and unconventional fun. The movie has a low budget and slightly unpolished feel to it, like watching a high quality home video, and it feels as if something rare, precious and intensely personal has been offered to the viewer.

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