Challenge of the Tiger (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-05-27
Summary: Lots of nudity, but .......
This film seems to have been designed according to a formula. That is, a simple good guys vs bad guys plot, lots of young women who all undress to varying degrees, Bruce frequently lashing out with kicks to the baddies.

The lack of subs didn't help, but the result didn't work for me. The first half hour, which is as far as I got, was saturated with nudity, including some full frontal, and featuring a long scene of Richard playing tennis with one of his topless lovelies, the scene filmed in slo-mo and lovingly capturing every bounce, though not of the tennis ball. Inbetween these hijinks, the action moves from either Southern California or Mexico (all the signs are in Spanish and there is a scene at a bullfight, capped off by Bruce defeating a bull with kung fu !) to HK, a few baddies get thumped as they try to kill the cops.

The acting was hammy and terrible (no surprise) and it was all very silly. Perhaps if Hwang Jang Lee had come in earlier and spent more time on screen, I might have watched the lot.

Watch this one if you're bored or curious, otherwise avoid at all costs.
Reviewer Score: 1