The One-Armed Swordsmen (1976)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-05-29
Summary: Dull and talky
I'm quite a big fan of Jimmy Wang Yu. He's well known for long smouldering looks and the "volcano effect" - rumblings indicating things are about to explode. Well, this one rumbles and rumbles and rumbles .... but 45 minutes in, nothing much had happened yet.

The opening scene was a ripper. A group of fake pallbearers chop some people up to free some guy who's hiding in a coffin wearing a death mask, who promptly kills the guys who freed him, then he gets killed.

Godsakes, what's this all about. Well, Jimmy doesn't help much. He takes quite a while to appear, and when he does, he just sits there and deflects a bunch of people attacking him.

The lack of subs didn't help much either, particularly as this film is so long on talk and short on action.

And most confusing, I didn't see anyone with one arm, let alone swordsmen, except for one poor guy who appears briefly in the opening scene and gets an arm sliced off before he gets killed.

I can't recommend this film.
Reviewer Score: 3