Win Them All (1973)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-06-08
Summary: Casinos everywhere
The opening sequence is spooky. Director Go Bo Shu makes a guest appearance as a crooked dice dealer, and it's a great scene. With illegal casinos, thugs, righteous good guys and gals, and a mad martial arts master with iron fingers, you can bet there'll be plenty of violence and fu.

And this one delivers in spades. There are at least half a dozen top class fighters, and they're at it for about two third of the screen time.
During the other one third, you'll have to put up with some pretty awful acting, overdone soap with histrionics, occasionally relieved by some terrific spooky flashbacks and dream sequences.

Plenty of humour, too. Woo Gam spends most of her screen time using her considerable charm and wiles in order to steal men's wallets. She charms the thugs, offering kisses before thumping them on the head, ripping off their pants and taking their moneybags. There are several long scenes where Woo and pals do just this, and they are gut-bustingly funny.

Wong Yuen San and Hsu Feng, both serious party poopers here, don't contribute any laughs but plenty of action. The final fight scene, which goes for about 20 minutes, is a ripper. Everyone who hasn't already been disposed of goes hard at it, the main fight between Wong Yuen San and Kurata.

Shoji Kurata looks terrific here, and really hams it up as a thoroughly violent bastard. One thing worries me about the final fight. By any measure, Kurata should have easily won. He delivered enough murderous blows to kill any opponent, no matter how skilled, at least ten times over.

That's a minor quibble. If you love watching people getting it socked to them, this one's a winner.
Reviewer Score: 9