The Dragon and the Tiger Kids (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-06-08
Summary: One of the greats
Jaw dropping. Stunning. This is a movie which inspires the use of superlatives.

The bottom line is non-stop highest quality fu fighting. And the balance of serious and comic fu is very well made. I missed quite a few great moves because I was laughing so hard, and had to watch the film again.

The action design is dazzling. It's hard to take in just how much they managed to pack into less than 90 minutes. Ten odd martial arts experts in near perfect coordination is a pleasure to behold.

The silly story of goodies versus baddies is of course just an excuse to get everyone thumping the daylights out of everyone else.

If you love action and kung fu, this is one film you must see. Any effort to view this film will be worth it.
Reviewer Score: 10