The Twins Effect (2003)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-07-09
Summary: Minor disappointment
The Twins Effect could have been a major disappointment. But as long as your expectations are low, you won't be overly disappointed. I mean, on the actor side you've got mainly teeny bopper acts such as the Twins, Ekin Cheng, and Edison Chen, as well as Anthony Wong playing one of his most insignificant role ever, and not one, but two, pathetically inserted cameos from Jackie Chan; on the technical side, you've got a story about vampire hunting-Western style, magical romance, and girls duking over Ekin Cheng, so how good can it possibly get? So just keep any expectation low. Let's analyze the main elements.

STORY: It's pretty lame and incoherent, as you'd expect. The preface says "vampires [blood-sucking bats] have invaded the city, seriously threatening human lives." But nowhere in the story is anyone's life threatened. In fact, it seems pretty pointless for the bounty hunters to go after the vampires, because ironically, the only lives being threatened are the vampires'.

ACTING: two words - Ekin Cheng. Yep, he is back in action, and he brought his bad acting along. Gillian smiles so much at the camera, but that's to be expected. Edison Chen kinda hangs out here and there, doing his typical stuff. Anthony Wong re-creates his goofy character from U-MAN, which at least works better than he did in CAT AND MOUSE. For this type of light movie, good acting probably only gets in the way. You don't want to take any of this too seriously.

MUSIC: Pretty uneven soundtrack, if you ask me. Sometimes Bond-ish, sometimes Titanic-like. I didn't particular enjoy it.

ACTION: ah yes, this film does have a strong point. Even though everyone is doubled everywhere, it's still good action, Donnie Yen style. It's all pretty slick, and I want to assure you it should look more impressive than what you have seen in SO CLOSE and NAKED WEAPON, mainly because the director knew how to film @ the right angles. Also it looks more realistic, not just some girls posing in front of the camera.

A lot has been said about this movie being a Twins vehicle. It certainly is, thus the title TWINS EFFECT. The girls are all over the place, more so than the boys, especially Charlene Choi. This is not necessarily a negative thing, & I would say the teeny factors don't break and make the film. It makes sense to compare this movie to RETURNER: both ripoff bits from Western movies; both feature SFX to some extent, both can be mind-blowingly stupid, and both are flawed. Yeah, I thought both were pretty lame

Not a great film, and I would rather sit through another round of Legend of Zu. If fact, I found the best thing about Twins Effect to be Ekin Cheng's return to action films. It's been a while since I've seen him in this type of movie, and I guess I needed a good dose of Ekin in action