Warriors Two (1978)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-07-12
Summary: One of the best kung fu movies out there
When I saw this movie I was amazed at the choreography and the camera-shots used to show the full-effect of the fight-scenes.

Leung Tsan (played by Leung Kar Yan) is a respected Wing Chun master in Fu Shan and a very famous doctor, a group of henchmen arrive in town in search of Mo (played by a brilliant Fung Hark On), who plans to kill the alderman and take over the town with his thugs. During this conversation, honest and good-hearted Cashier Hua (Cassanova Wong) over-hears the conversation but is led into a trap and beaten badly by Flag Chao (Lee Hoi Sang). Clumsy, but tough student of Leung Tsan, Fei Chun (Samo Hung) finds Hua and takes him to his masters clinic to help him. Hua's mother is murdered and he is determined for revenge. After a lot of doubt, Leung Tsan agrees to teach Hua Wing Chun, so he may get revenge.

This was a very good combination for an "old-skool" flick - great characters (played talented stars), classic plot, brilliant fight choreography and light-hearted comedy. I have grown to like this movie more everytime I watch it. The finale of this movie was mind-blowing, with violent, fast-paced kung fu action. Too bad there aren't as much kung fu movies with this much class around today.

One of Samo Hung's finest achievements.

Reviewer Score: 10