Fate Fighter (2003)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-07-15
Summary: Silly and okay popcorn fun
This is a movie which for I'd say - if you haven't seen a HK movie in a cinema for awhile, go along to satisfy that craving that only a HK movie can satisfy. Not that it's a great film - it certainly isn't - but there's enough of what many of us like and expect to get you by.

I'm a sucker for Chinese gambling films, and no-one does them the way the Hongkies do. It has some of the familiar gimmicks I love. For instance tossing a pack of cards into the air and two guys snatching at the falling cards in competition to get the best hand. Wonderful stuff.

The comedy is your standard very low-brow and silly nonsense, which HK audiences seem to expect (and the Hongkies in the audience when I was there certainly did), and gwailos like me either tolerate or walk out from.

Nick Cheung plays his part rather like a more lively version of the character which started it all - the gambling savant in the original God Of Gamblers. Kristy Yeung as the love interest doesn't do a whole lot expect look lovely, expect for one scene where her character (actually a stunt double) does some flying kicks against a school (if that's the right collective term) of loan sharks.

Everyone else's character follows a particular shtick, and it's mugging all round.

Pretty average at best, but not a bad way to kill 90 minutes in a cinema.
Reviewer Score: 4