The Master (1992)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-07-17
Summary: Complete and utter SHIT!!!!!!
This movie isn't just the worst Jet Li movie, but also the worst of maverick director Tsui Hark (I even think his American flops with Van Damme were more entertaining).

A cheap rip-off of the WFH story (even though this was made before OATIC) - Yuen Wah is a kung fu master/chinese doctor with a clinic in America called Po Chi Lam (so cliche) who is betrayed by his American student. Jet Li plays Yuen Wah's Chinese student who arrives to visit him but realises the atrocities that have occured and vows for a final showdown with the bad guy.

On the whole, the plot is unoriginal aswell as being extremely cheesy, terrible acting from the beggining and everyone (the worst of Jet Li) and I did not enjoy the fights, they were too slow and it seemed to show that Jet Li was the only one in the cast that knew how to fight. As a big fan of Jet Li, I only bought it on video and watched it once - never again, just buy it to fill up your Jet Li collection. What a load of crap.

Reviewer Score: 1