Hero (2002)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-07-17
Summary: Quite enjoyable
This film was not as bad that many people put it as. This film is just a Jet Li/Zhang Yimou clashed remake of the incidents that provided the story of 1999's "The Emperor and the Assassin".

Jet Li plays Nameless, a law enforcer of a small state who has killed 3 of the most deadliest assassins of China (who were a threat to the King of Qin). Nameless tells his story but the King finds out a dark secret and many twists occur in the story.

Lets be honest, Chin Siu Tung is no Yuen Woo Ping when it comes to fight choreography, but he does seem to pull off some average-ish fights. The CGI, just as a lot of people would agree, is severely overdone. But the plot is very intruiging and the cast is very impressive. Although Jet Li does give a very impressive performance as Nameless, but the show is stolen by Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi (even though her part is relatively small).

I wouldn't say that it is a terrible film, nor is it excellent, the cinematography by Doyle is excellent and some of the camerawork is very astonishing. Zhang Yimou gives a very recognised effort as a director and delivers entertainment.

Reviewer Score: 8