Revengeful Swordswoman (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-07-18
Summary: Action packed series of cameo fights
I enjoyed this one more than mpongpun. The story is in the category of "quest-mystery", where any of the characters could be other than they seem. This one's not quite as impenetrable as some, but I still wasn't very clear, by the end, of who was doing what why. For reasons unexplained, the characters often ask of each other "what are your instructions", but they never once receive an answer that makes any sense !

The structure is basically a series of guest appearances, each a fighter of course. The standard of fu is pretty high, and I found most of the fights of a high standard.

The acting is either deadpan or over the top, but nothing unusual about that in this genre !

This is a glitzy, gimmicky star parade, and certainly worth watching.
Reviewer Score: 7