The Scripture with No Words (1996)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2003-07-20
Summary: Indiana Jones with 10 times better action
Not only am I a major Jet Li fan (he is my fav actor), but I also dig this type of fantasy adventurer. As I expected, "Dr. Wai" is nothing intelligent, but as far as entertainment, it delivers.

The modern-day stuff is standard local material. I liked it a lot actually, because it was shot just the way I remember 90s HK movies. The period stuff is where the fun comes in. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, even though there wasn't plenty. How often do you witness Rosamund Kwan as an evil mastermind woman?

Takeshi Kaneshiro is pretty cool as usual, but this is not his type of role to steal. He should re-create more of his roles a la Fallen Angels and Returner.