Police Story (1985)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-07-24
Summary: Top Notch Ass Kicking Action Fest!
One of the best Jackie Chan movies and regarded both by fans and critics as the apex of Chan's career, Police Story has inspired both east and west in making action films.

Jackie stars as Inspector Chan Ka Kui, who is celebrated a hero in Hong Kong after capturing city kingpin Chu Tu. With Chu Tu's secretary Selina (Brigitte Lin) in police custody, she is willing to testify against her boss. Which leaves him no choice but to frame Ka Kui for murder of a corrupt cop. On a mission to clear his name, Chan Ka Kui must disobey orders risking his life and career to save the witness and clear his name.

This film includes some of the best stunts and fight sequences performed by Jackie Chan and his stunt group, featuring a bus chase with Chan hanging off it with an umbrella, a car chase through a shanti town (built especially for this sequence on a hill), a fight scene in a shopping mall (with a lot of glass smashed) and the stunt where Jackie slides down a chandelier of lights resulting in near-death situations for our star. It also contains a good story of a ordinary cop facing a very tough crisis with his career and lovelife. Enjoyable performances by Chan and Lin but Maggie Cheung's character is not so frequent as it is in the sequel. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys action or a Jackie Chan movie. It leaves any of his Hollywood attempts (including the awful 'Tuxedo') at a mile behind.

A relentless masterpiece. *****/*****
Reviewer Score: 10