The Gallant (1972)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-08-02
Summary: Another Jimmy-fest
Three separate stories, each designed to make Jimmy look good. Not that it's unusual, as many of his (and plenty of other fu stars) other movies are jigged the same way.

The first story is pretty silly and rather hard to believe, but the fight choreography (Jimmy kicking the living daylights out of a couple of dozens thugs) is nicely done, and is more like a dance number than a fight.

I quite enjoyed the second story, perhaps mainly because it doesn't completely rely on fisticuffs and has Jimmy as a kind of underdog. The scheming of Jimmy's character is quite absorbing.

The quality of the third story lies somewhere between the first two. The leering good looks of Chen Hung Lieh adds a certain zest.

The overall effect is pretty good. Moderately recommended.
Reviewer Score: 6