Wang Yu, King of Boxers (1973)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-08-09
Summary: Promising but ......
The opening sequence has Jimmy in a typical role, as a stranger wandering into town, to whom some locals take an instant dislike. Not that he's bothered, of course. They encircle him, but he spins them off with minimal effort.

A bit more puzzling (to Jimmy and to us) is a weirdo who follows him wearing a cylindrical wicker wastebasket over his head.

The lack of subtitles was a bit of a drawback here, but it became quickly apparent that the story was set in Japan (the costumes and sets, and to some extent what the characters did), and of course it's not hard to guess that revenge features heavily.

The film was quite enjoyable for awhile, but I found it not quite involving enough and turned off at around 40 minutes. Perhaps if I better understood what Jimmy's character was doing, I might have been a bit more indulgent.
Reviewer Score: 1