The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-08-16
Summary: Excellent movie with great kung fu!!!!!
Samo Hung and Yuen Woo Ping collaborate for the first time and lead an all-star cast in this comical portrayal of Lam Sai-Wing's life, the most popular student of Wong Fei-Hung.

Sai-Wing (known to people as 'Porky') is the hotheaded student of Wong Fei-Hung (played by an excellent Kwan Tak Hing). During the abscence of Wong Fei-Hung, Sai-Wing's younger brother Sai Kwong comes to town to visit him. Local thug Ko Tai-Hoi (Fung Hark On) cons Sai Kwong and kidnaps his wife Yuet Mui. Su Yat Chi (Fan Mei Seng) arrives in town and agrees to help Sai Kwong. After helping his brother and Su Yat Chi rescue Yuet Mui, Sai Wing is framed for the murder of Lan Hsing, the Godsister of Tai Hoi. Master Ko (Lee Hoi Sang) swears revenge for the murder of his Goddaughter and breaks the sign of Po Chi Lam. After Wing is injured during the battle at Po Chi Lam, Su Yat Chi teaches Wing the 12-arm style Kung Fu to help him get revenge and clear his name.

This movie is pure class! With perfectly shot kung fu that is choreographed with skill and lots of humour also involved in the serious plot. The highlight scene is between Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying, where great kung fu and acrobatic ability is performed by both stars. Wei Pai also displays some excellent examples of kung fu when he fights the man that uses the monkey's pole against him. In one scene, Samo Hung fights Chung Fa, who uses the cats claw in the film (very impressive and very funny at the same time). The finale is a showcase for Samo Hung's ability as a performer and a martial artist as he uses the 12 arm style against Lee Hoi Sang's Four Elements Kung Fu. Yuen Siu Tien (Drunken Master) was originally set to play Su Yat Chi, sadly he fell ill and passed away during filming. After re-scheduling he was replaced by Fan Mei Seng (who does a pretty good job of it too).

Overall, it is a flawless masterpeice from the late 70's. This movie has everything an old-school kung fu movie requires. Mindblowing, a MUST for HK cinema fans.

Reviewer Score: 10