The Prodigal Son (1981)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-08-19
Summary: Groundbreaking Wing Chun-fest!!
Samo Hung, Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying team up to bring some of the most inspiring Wing Chun fight scenes ever committed to screen in this prequel to Samo Hung's 'Warriors Two'.

Yuen Biao plays a younger Leung Chan (played by Leung Kar Yan in W2), the most undefeatable fighter of Fatshan. In a battle of arrogance against Lung Yee Tai (Lam Ching Ying) - a Chinese Opera Singer/actor and expert in Wing Chun, Leung Chan discovers that his parents had paid all his opponents to lose. After realising the truth, Leung Chan forces his father to buy the Opera troupe so he may tag along and force the reluctant Lung Yee Tai to teach him Wing Chun. In an attack that burns the Opera Troupes camp and killing everyone except Chan and Yee Tai by the Governors men, they flee to Lung Yee Tai's hometown. There Leung Chan meets Wong Wa Ho (Samo Hung) Yee-Tai's older brother. After a long era of dispute, Yee Tai takes Leung Chan as his student. Then Yee Tai tricks Wong to teach Leung Chan.

Thats all I can tell you in the synopsis, otherwise it'll ruin the end of the story. Many people hail this film as the greatest film directed by Samo Hung, I cannot really say, I haven't seen all of them yet, only most. But this movie is one of my all-time favourites, it is a todd better than 'Warriors Two' because the fights are faster, Lam Ching Ying proves himself as a martial artist (in a short duel with Frankie Chan) which I badly wanted to go on for longer.

A lot of good fights with Samo Hung's trademark humour, this is a true calssic and it mustn't be missed by anyone.

Reviewer Score: 10