Not Scared to Die (1973)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-09-04
Summary: Complete and utter RUBBISH!!!
A very poor attempt starring an unknown kung fu star with Jackie Chan as the sidekick.

A group of revolutionaries during the Second World War fronted as opera performers fight back against the tyrrant Japanese. The Japanese military have sent 2 of their best soliders to go undercover and seek out the revolutionaries.

Well this movie was supposed to be based upon a real event; if it was I'M GLAD THESE REVOLUTIONARIES DIED!!! They were the most incompetent bunch of revolutionaries which never had much skill or intelligence. The storyline is very weak, the characters are pointless and the fights are the worst part on the whole! Not to forget the finale (rediculous and too long, none of the stars really got to show much kung fu talent). The fights that could've been a bit decent were too short.

If you're a fan of Jackie Chan, then miss this one out.

Reviewer Score: 2