Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-09-04
Summary: A Classic
After years of struggling under the ill-fated contract of Lo Wei, Chan was hired out to Seasonal Films and made two films. Surprisingly SITES turned out to be the first movie to break Bruce Lee's box-office record and gave Chan some recognition in Asian cinema.

Shang Kuan (Hwang Jang Lee), head of the Eagle Claw sect has killed most of the Snake Fist Clan. Pai Chang Tien (Yuen Siu Tin) is one of the last two remaining Snake Fist Masters and is on the run in a small town. Chien Fu (Chan) is a young orphan working as a servant at a kung fu school and is used as a punchbag by Master Li (Dean Shek). After helping Pai Chang Tien in a fight against a rival school, Chien Fu takes him to his home to stay. Pai sees how Chien Fu is picked on and decides to teach him the Snake Fist. When Shang Kuan and Pai Chang Tien go head-to-head, Chien Fu adopts the Cat's Claw and combines it with the Snake Fist to save his master.

The plot is pretty cheesy, but this is one of the most enjoyable kung fu flicks ever! The student/master chemistry is shown really well by Chan and Yuen and the fight scenes are very entertaining. Although it doesn't have as much comedy as 'Drunken Master' it proves to be a classic.

An entertaining flick from the 70's with garuanteed satisfaction.

Reviewer Score: 10