Heart of the Dragon (1985)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-09-04
Summary: Very good, enjoyable drama
This was the last 'serious' movie to be made by Chan (up until '93 with 'Crime Story), due to the unsuccessful box office result of this movie. But I think it was a very heart-warming and enjoyable drama with good fight scenes.

Tom (Chan) is a Hong Kong cop who dreams of sailing, but his dream is left incomplete after his mentally challenged older brother Danny (Hung) argues that his brother is deserting him. As Tom struggles to support Danny, things could not get easier after Danny is kidnapped by a Gang and force Tom to risk his career and life to save his brother.

I think that the HK audience expected an action comedy from Chan and Hung which led to them underestimating this movie. Jackie Chan does show acting talent although the show is stolen by Samo Hung as Danny. There are scenes that did make me feel touched and sad (as I have a close relationship with my brothers), as the storyline was similar to Tom Cruise/Dustin Hoffman's 'Rain Man' this film was made before. I'd advise you not to expect your usual serving of numerous fight scenes as it is a drama. But the fights are more violent and darker than the usual Chan movies. I'd advise you to see the uncut version with two rare fights.

A very enjoyable movie, worth seeing.

Reviewer Score: 8