Oily Maniac (1976)
Reviewed by: andras on 2003-09-20
Summary: A Shaw Bros oddity
if BAD monster movies are part of your cinematic culture,then OILY MANIAC belongs to your collection right next to the special edition of BLOB, THE STUFF and The Troma Team Classics.
The opening tells You that it is based on a folk tale and the film was shot in Malaysia. The soundtrack kicks in and a green slimy goo of a monster comes out along with the main title THE OILY MANIAC !
The story is very basic "revenge of the creature" type mixed with elements of BLACK MAGIC (shot at the same time,probably back to back). Danny Lee plays this cripple character working for an evil lawyer's firm. His old man gets the chair (or rope) because of this sleazy lawyer and on his last day before the execution he tells him about a secret Black Magic ritual which will enable Danny to protect pretty Chen Ping from further harassment. He has to dig a hole in the middle of the house where he finds an oil-well. He says a few prayers and dives into the oil. Out comes the monster already introduced during the opening credits.
Looking between a cross of MELTING MAN and MONSTER IN THE CLOSET it can jump on top of the buildings and cars like some wuxia hero from hell (the action is credited to Clan member Yuen Cheung Yan). He can also turn into an oil-slick chasing cars and sliding into houses under the doors(to the tune of JAWS music). When Danny (in normal mode) feels angry he just heads to the nearest gas-station and pumps oil on himself (Diesel seems to be his favourite) and turns into this thing.
There is a lot of nudity and little gore,although one head-crushing scene would make the Toxic Avenger stand up and take notice. All the creature and optical effects are poor. There is a suprising amount of filler but the monster-attack scenes make up for the slower spots. They are all hilarious.
Chen Ping(from KISS OF DEATH)stands out from the cast,she gets raped twice the poor thing. The rest of the actors are barely competent (and that include Danny Lee I'm afraid).
Technically inept,but nevertheless entertaining, OILY MANIAC is an interesting curio for Monster-movie fans.