Double Tap (2000)
Reviewed by: mrblue on 2003-09-25
Even though this film didn't really generate a lot of buzz, it's one of the better movies to come out of Hong Kong over the past few years. Leslie Cheung plays Rick, a master marksman and gunsmith who is pushed over the edge after he kills a man who begins opening fire at a sharpshooting competition. As Rick begins a rampage, it's up to a top cop (Alex Fong) to bring him down.

Double Tap is a good movie all around, bolstered by strong performances from the two leads. Alex Fong breaks from his usual role as a villain and makes a fine turn as the determined cop, and Leslie Cheung is dead on as the deranged (yet still likeable) killer. It's a breakout kind of role that sadly most people won't bother to see because this is classified as an action movie.

Speaking of action, Double Tap definetly delivers the goods. There is enough camera trickery (some actual decent-looking CGI) to keep things interesting, but not so much as to overwhelm the viewer, as is sadly the case with way too many movies lately. It was good to see a film that didn't think it was a 90-minute music video in this day and age of MTV-wannabes.

Overall, Double Tap is worth checking out if you're into the "golden age" of HK movies from the late 1980's and early 1990's. It has a good story, solid performances and a nice helping of gunfights. It's worth checking out even if you have been put off by recent half-ass attempts of action movies from Hong Kong.