Ultracop 2000 (1992)
Reviewed by: andras on 2003-10-04
Summary: Made in Philippines
Philip Ko Fei-the Bruno Mattei of Asia-delivers a sci-fi action flick in which idiocy is taken to an intergalactic level. WISELY You ain't got nothin' on us!
In the distant year of 2000,two (count them) alien dudes from Mars "arouse panic" on the futuristic streets of Manila. Meanwhile a team of futuristic cops (they got headsets) try to bust Drago the drogbaron (a cameo by Melvin Wong). And on the other end of the town a comical gay geezer infected with AIDS try to commit suicide. Somehow these three subplots merge and the laughs begin. You will witness a hilarious attempt at recreating HARD BOILED style gung fu thrills,the most pathetic car chase ever filmed and an endig that would have been great if they wouldn't have run out of film. There is a minimal attempt at creating a futuristic enviroment,but everything looks like the early 80's (even though it was filmed in 1992). The performances are great too, no second takes here. All in all,by Ko Fei standards this is a classic.

Trivia: producer Chan Chi Ming is the notorious triad heavy who bullied several stars and prompted Jackie Chan and Co. to hit the streets protesting. According to Simon Yam, he pointed a gun at his head to appear in one his films(which would be the horrible KING OF ROBBERY).He was arrested in Shenzen which is "documented" in the questionable production MIDNIGHT EXPRESS IN THE ORIENT.