Bed Companion (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-10-06
Summary: Terrible
I can't think of very many reasons to recommend this porno. First of all, I'd better say that the tape I watched had at least two major cuts. However, even this notwithstanding, the amount of nudity is almost non-existant. There is no full frontal at all, only a little toplessness, and nothing else to justify the Cat III rating.

The two scenes which were clearly cut were a puzzle. They were sex scenes filmed in near-darkness, and it's hard to believe that anything could be seen anyway !

The closest the film gets to full nudity is a short scene near the end, where veteran sleaze Hung Fung, in a short uncredited role, tries to get it on with a cure young thing while the kidnapped JoJo throwns things at him.

And yes, there is a measure of disappointment in this review. One of the featured ladies is the luscious, doe-eyed Jo Jo Ngan. Ever since I saw this gorgeous gal flaunt her bod in the body show Happy Chicken, I have rented everything I could find with her in it. To date, including here, I have found no other film in which she takes it all off. She does wander around topless for the last few minutes, but it's too little too late.

If you're a fan of Hwang Jang Lee, don't bother. He doesn't do any fu, and isn't even particularly nasty.

I enjoyed only one aspect of this film. There are several establishment scenes which shows some wonderful neon signs of HK's nightlife.

A real waste.
Reviewer Score: 1