Time and Tide (2000)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-10-25
Summary: Underrated classic
I saw this movie a year ago, when it was released on DVD in the UK, the same time as 'Tokyo Raiders', even though TR was one of the biggest hits of 2000 in Hong Kong, I preferred this film more when I watched them.

Tyler (Nicholas Tse) is a regular Hong Kong yuppie working at a bar and trying to cope with the trip of life. During one night he meets a woman named Ah Joi (Cathy Tsui) who has broken up with her lover. What Tyler doesn't know is that Ah Joi is a lesbian, to his knowledge, he goes along with her and gets drunk and ends up in bed with her. When she realises the morning after, she refuses to see Tyler again. When discovering that she is pregnant, Tyler looks for a new job and ends up working for Uncle Ji (Anthony Wong) as a bodyguard for his security agency so he may help out Ah Joi financially.

Meanwhile, Juan (Wu Bai) a hitman has fallen out with his Spanish mercenary circle and is hired to kill his father-in-law. Tyler and Juan coincidentally meet at a gun store and form a brotherhood. Tyler has recognised Juan's true form and is given the choice to obey his duty as a law-abiding citizen or stay loyal and honour his friendship with Juan in the midst of bullets, bombs and explosions.

There is more than action to 'Time and Tide', it has complex characters, fast-paced comedy and a heck load of suspense. This movie did show a lot of humour(NB: When Tyler takes a fat woman to the airport). This movie also shows different aspects of society which is stated clearly in the opening lines of Nic Tse's character about the creation of Earth in seven days. This movie had great action scenes, slick camerawork and a great cast that play their parts well (Except for the English talking guys like usual in any Hong Kong movie). This should be held as a cult movie which is truly breath-taking and refreshing for Hong Kong cinema, as well as Tsui Hark's 'Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain' was well-recognised but did not set the box-office alite, but is hailed a classic. Due to the poor criticisms of 'The Legend of Zu' and 'Black Mask 2' I steered clearly away from them. But I recommend this movie for the serious film-viewer.

A Truly original and aspiring but underrated masterpiece.

Reviewer Score: 10