Dragon Gate (1975)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-11-07
Summary: A bit weird and most enjoyable
The first half contains a few genuinely weird moments, such as Hsu Feng calling out to the moon, to signify her character's happiness. This weirdness is part of the enjoyability of this film.

This flick boasts a terrific cast, tons of fu and swordplay, and plenty of deceit and double-dealing. The fu is of reasonably high quality, and gets better towards the end.

Almost never a dull moment. The story meanders around a bit, amongst the nearly dozen major characters but, unlike many other such movies, never gets dull or confusing.

Plenty of colourful costumes and pretty good photography. Ulysses Ou Yang cooked up a winner this time. Great fun and highly recommended.
Reviewer Score: 8