Young and Dangerous (1996)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-11-08
Summary: Fun, enjoyable entertaining Gu Wak Jai flick
Andrew Lau teams up Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Simon Yam and Francis Ng in the first of an entertaining saga of films based upon the popular Chinese comic strip about life in the Triad.

Chan Ho-Nam (Cheng), Chicken (Chan) and their friends are picked on by Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng) as kids - a triad member of the Hung Hing Society. Kwans' fellow Bee (Frankie Ng) sees sympathy and takes the kids under his wing as triad members. As they grow older their reputations as Gu Wak Jais' has become more widespread and popular in Hong Kong. While living the higfhlife with his fellow brothers and newly found girlfriend Smartie (Gigi 'So F*****g Sexy' Lai), Ho-Nam is leading the perfect life. Hung Hing boss Mr. Chiang (Simon Yam) gives Bee the order to kill an ex-member of Hung Hing; Crazy Bill in Macau. Bee sends Nam and his crew to do the job. Chickens' girl Ho-Yan is kidnapped and the crew are betrayed leaving their brother Chou-Pan killed in an ambush and Nam injured. Nam is drugged with Ho-Yan and is filmed having sex with her. Chicken falls out with Ho-Nam and leaves Hong Kong to go Taiwan. Little do they know that it was Ugly Kwan whon set them up, and is now the boss of Hung Hing. When Kwan murders Bee and his family, Chicken returns to Hong Kong with some boys from Taiwan and reforms with Ho-Nam to avenge Bee.

The plot in this film was very good as were the characters. Ekin Cheng gives a great performance as Chan Ho-Nam as Jordan Chan is twice as good as the lustful Chicken. But the show is stolen by Francis Ng as the vulgar and evil villain Ugly Kwan, who's charisma and pure asshole-ness proves a worthy performance. Good supporting roles played by the cast including Simon Yam as Mr. Chiang and Spencer Lam as the Catholic Priest. A special cameo by Shing Fui-On as Saur is quite an enjoyable bit in the film and Gigi Lai looks mighty hot in this movie.

A well-directed, stylish piece with great performances over a great soundtrack, 'Young and Dangerous' proves to be a Triad genre classic.

Reviewer Score: 8