Young and Dangerous 3 (1996)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-11-08
Summary: Better than the first two! Expolsive and Powerful!!!
Andrew Lau returns for a third outing with the Hung Hing boys which is much more powerful than the first two films.

Crow (Roy Cheung) and Tiger (Frankie Ng) are two head figures in the Ting Sung Triad who have arrived to Hong Kong with their righteous boss Camel Lok (Michael Chan) from Amsterdam. Lok intends to stay neutral in the Hong Kong underworld where as his right hand men have different intentions and try to takeover the Wanchai district. Ho-Nam (Cheng), Chicken (Jordan Chan) and Yee (Michael Tse) give Ting Sung the fight of a lifetime to keep their turf. As on the other side; Smartie has awoken from her coma but has lost her memory, and Chicken falls in love with Shuk Fan (Karen Mok)- the foul-mouthed daughter of the Preist, who proves to be a female clone of Chicken. But on a visit to Amsterdam, Crow and Tiger kill Mr. Chiang and frame Ho-Nam, then they kidnap Smartie and leave Nam in the pit to clear his name, save his love and the Hung Hing society.

Out of all the Y&D films, this installment has definitely the best storyline, which has more anger and sadness, a lot more death and violence and one hell of a soundtrack! Anthony Wong is once again on top-form as Tai Fei but Roy Cheung dominates the cast as Crow, a psychotic and evil power-hungry gangster. Although it is odd to see Frankie Ng as a bad guy in this movie, but if you enjoyed the first two movies you will not be disappointed.

Truly enjoyable, full of attitude and retribution.

Reviewer Score: 10