The Female Chivalry (1974)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2003-11-21
Summary: Chia Ling - No contest
The print I saw of this movie was green and washy, but it was worth watching anyway.

There are two intertwined stories here. Chia plays a government agent after a bunch of crooked miners, and Barry plays a boastful young man without much fu talent. Chia's character (never named) helps Barry's mainly because it helps her investigations.

I'm used to seeing Barry as the star of his own mini-epics and being very much in control, so this role was a bit of a surprise. My understanding is that his fu skills are fairly good, but he's playing very much second fiddle to Chia here. In fact, the whole cast is.

Chia's character barely raises a sweat whilst haughtily dispatching the villains here. If there is a disappointing aspect to the film, it is that she has no real fu competition, and in no sense does her character struggle. She may as well have strode on as The Terminator !

There's a fair bit of silliness here, but it's mostly quite entertaining.
Reviewer Score: 6