Young and Dangerous 4 (1997)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-12-03
Summary: Not the best, but a very enjoyable installment
The Gu Wak Jai's are back for a fourth installment which proves to be rather enjoyable (although everyone slated it on this site).

Right hand man to Chan Ho Nam, Yee (Micheal Tse) has married to KK (Pinky Cheung). The branch leaders travel to Thailand to meet Mr. Chiang (Boss Chiangs' brother) to take the seat of Hung Hing leader. Ho Nam (Cheng) is living in sadness as Causeway Bay leader after seeing much turmoil with the death of his boss and girlfriend. With this grief he advises Chicken (Jordan Chan) not to run for branch leader as a post is open. His rival Barbarian (Chan Chi Fai - the guy who got shot by CYF in ABT during teahouse shootout) is obsessed in becoming branch leader as he goes on a full-on war with Chicken and the Causeway Boys. Meanwhile Ho Nam meets Yan Yan (Michelle Reis), a school teacher whom grows an affection for Ho Nam as she is unaware of who he is, as she reminds him of deceased lover Smartie. Yiu Yeung (Roy Cheung!?) is a rival gang member looking to destroy Hung Hing as he joins forces with Barbarian and gets Yee killed and KK raped. Tai Fei (Anthony Wong), Ho Nam and Chicken join forces to avenge their broken brotherhood.

Inner Strength bible bashes the Y&D movies for glorifying triads. Where as the audience realise that the whole series is telling us that the triad life isn;t as glamourous as it seems, we learn that as Ho Nam tells Chicken that he never wanted to be branch leader for he had to pay the price with life of his loved ones. Chicken realises that when he sees the body of Yee (a very touching scene) and he bursts out in tears as did Ho Nam. I think everyone in this film played their parts very well, as it shows how much they love playing these roles. This film can appeal to younger kids (GWC wannabes) in the classroom scene with Ho Nam where he tells the ugly guy about the price to pay for being a Triad as there is no turning back. It's a bit tedious for using Roy Cheung again, as his performance in Y&D 4 is nothing compared to Y&D 3 (but he does still proved to be good). Even though the plot was similar to the last one, it does prove to be enjoyable.

Probably with the best soundtrack in the whole series, Y&D 4 is very enjoyable, stylish and down right bad-ass entertainment.

Reviewer Score: 8