Hero (2002)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2003-12-12
Summary: Controversial or Enjoyable?
I went into this movie without having read any of the controversy surrounding it and really enjoyed myself. Great plot, visuals, presentation, acting, and action. Then I read some forums and see all this talk about what the movie really means, etc. My initial impression is that damn, this movie blows CTHD right out of the water. While I enjoyed CTHD, Hero raised the bar for what an epic, period film should be about. Visually stunning of course, with breathtaking images of China's landscape. This along with the soundtrack (reminiscient of CTHD) makes you feel like you're living during the Qin dynasty watching this happen. Jet Li gives a stellar performance and really renewed himself in my eyes after his recent films in America. However I would definately list all of the actors giving an equally outstanding performance. Chen Dao Ming was very convincing as the Emperor of Qin and I really enjoyed his scenes when he is talking to Nameless. The Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung chemistry was also great to watch, truely an all-star cast for this movie.

If I had any complaint at all it would be the story, which when I watched it the first time got me lost once or twice figuring out which scenario things were happening in. If you've only seen this once, then by all means see it again. The second and third time were twice as enjoyable as the first time I watched this. I knew what was going on as a whole and could fully appreciate the direction the movie was taking and why certain scenes were placed the way they were. Definately one of my all time favorite movies which I could watch again and again, regardless of what "political agenda" this movie might have. Enjoy this movie as just that, a movie, and it will not dissapoint. This definately deserves a 10/10.
Reviewer Score: 10