Turn Left, Turn Right (2003)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2003-12-18
Summary: Amazing
I really didn't expect this movie to get to me the way it did, but I guess everyone has a soft spot.

This is a story of destined lovers who always are close by but never meet.

*Semi-Spoiler Summary*

Hong and Yi eventually meet in the park by accident and begin telling a story of their childhood. The two met before 13 years ago in grade school on a vacation to a park. At the park they were watching each other from afar but never knew the other was watching or felt the same way. Finally at the end of the trip Hong gives Yi his phone number but Yi leaves her school bag on the train and never is able to call Hong. Now that the two have finally met again 13 years later they both exchange phone numbers in the rain before they go separate ways. When they get back each looks at the piece of paper only to find both numbers had been smudged by the rain. Will they ever meet again, are they destined for each other?

*End Summary*

If you can't already tell I really loved this movie. There is so much on-screen chemistry between Gigi and Takeshi, even though the characters are only technically together in the beginning. The camera moves back and forth showing us that while Takeshi is sick in his bed thinking of Gigi, Gigi is doing the exact same thing thinking of Takeshi and only a few feet apart with a wall in between them. The cinematography was also very well done, I loved the scene in the beginning with Takeshi playing the violin and then later at the park. If the film had any less than spectacular camera work you would never feel the same emotions happening between characters who are never next to each other.
Even the supporting characters are great and I think they played their parts well. Gigi's editor boss was hilarious as well as the doctor and delivery girl who enter their lives.

The tension in this movie really builds until the very end as events get more and more desperate between the two. I was completely enthralled the entire time.

Definately see this, one of the best romance films I've ever seen. I would give this almost a perfect score for a romance film if not for the beginning part with Gigi and her novel translation which seems almost pointless but does build her character some I guess. 9/10
Reviewer Score: 9