Infernal Affairs (2002)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2003-12-21
Summary: Good
With the recent release of Infernal Affairs II (as of this writing anyway), I felt obligated to dig up the original and finally watch it. Overall the movie was very well done, the plot twists kept you on the edge of your seat as more of the story was uncovered. Tony Leung did a great job acting as the mole who had been undercover too long and you could really believe that he was going crazy. Anthony Wong also made you feel for his character. The ending was well done and really unexpected, I would like to see the alternate mainland ending even if people say it detracts from the film.

My main gripe was the women who served almost no purpose. Elva Hsiao was nice to see as a cameo, but added little to the plot. I guess it shows that Yan has a life outside the triad waiting for him but she had already gotten married and then is never heard from again. Similarily with Kelly Chen as the psychiatrist, um... what was that about? Their parts were small and barely significant to the overall plot or character development.

Besides this I still feel that Infernal Affairs is one of the better movies of 2002, but maybe not up there as the greatest ever made.

Reviewer Score: 8