Future Cops (1993)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2003-12-22
Summary: Better than USA Street Fighter Movie
If nothing else, this was definately better than the American Street Fighter movie, even if just as cheesey. Typical Wong Jing slapstick humor, which makes for some pretty funny jokes at times. Also the Street Fighter references were hilarious for anyone who is a fan of the game. One reviewer was upset with the portrayal of the SF characters, but again the title of this movie is NOT Street Fighter II, it's "Future Cops!" As a huge SF2 fan I was perfectly happy to see Wong Jing's usage of the characters. Wong Jing had worked with Street Fighter in his previous film before this, "City Hunter" (with Jackie Chan starring), and it was a more accurate Street Fighter representation but still retained his characteristic humor style. Now to see him make a full length movie with that same SF2 humor was great. Definately see this if you're a Street Fighter fan or a Wong Jing fan or even if you're just a idol fan of the actors in the movie. Seeing all these greats of the screen 10 years earlier gives you a glimpse of how their acting has improved. Also watching this movie 10 years later gives me a great appreciation for the leaps and bounds that the Hong Kong film industry has made in their production values and movie making techniques. Even Wong Jing's most current movie as of this writing, "Spy Dad," I could notice a dramatic improvement in direction and overall production from a similar film from the same director/writer. 8/10
Reviewer Score: 8