Tokyo Raiders (2000)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2003-12-23
Summary: Average film, but has a lot of style
Although this was one of the biggest HK blockbusters of 2000, I did find it quite boring, although it features some stylish action pieces.

Kelly Chan is a rich girl looking for her missing fiance in Tokyo, where she meets a shady Chinese PI Tony Leung. As she is accompanied by decorator Ekin Cheng, she discovers, that not everything as it seems to be.

I think the twists in the plot were just put in for the sake of it. If they spent more time writing the script as they did on creating the stylish fight scenes, they could've come up with something quite clever as David Fincher's 'Fight Club'. The acting from the cast was pretty ok, (but not thier best), but I did seem to find Ekin Cheng rather annoying in this.

This is a pretty cool and stylish movie, but not really perfection.

Reviewer Score: 7