The Drug Connection (1976)
Reviewed by: andras on 2004-01-09
Made with the tender love&care of an industrial sledgehammer,SEXY KILLER is a fast&furious exploitation pic that rips off COFFY (which I haven't seen). But unlike those Blaxploitation flicks in the 70's which celebrated the Rise against The Man, Sexy Killer's message is a lot simpler. As Chen Ping cries out loud over her sister's doped up and raped body: "Drugs,drugs! I hate it so much!!" Just a few minutes after the terrific opening credits,we see her acting out revenge on three slimy pushers in a hysterical action scene. Enter Yueh Hua -as a CID officer known as 'Drug Crusher' to his enemies- and with him,the fun factor sinks considerably. Yueh gives a truly horrible performance here and his annoying character just blocks the way to more Chen Ping fun. Luckily, just before VCD side 1 ends,he lands in hospital ("From Drug Crusher to Potato Masher"as the subtitle translates) and we can concentrate on Ping again as she works her way up to The Boss (a great sleazy character who has his own S&M den at his headquarter). This is where the flick hits overdrive and becomes a little classic. She grabs this huge gun and goes ballistic, literally blowing everybody out the window. Even if You find the rest of the movie so-so,You will come away with a big "wow" after watching the last ten minutes.

The look of the film is interesting and similar to HUMAN LANTERNS. I assume director Sun Chung used some kind of early type of steadycam (with fisheye lenses in many setups),which creates a pseudo-slick look. Overall,not as well-directed as SB's Chen Ping hit KISS OF DEATH,but at least they made some effort to give it style that these types of films often lack. Cinematographer Lan Nai Tsai later directed such cult epics as 7TH CURSE or STORY OF RICKY.

Horror/Fantasy writer I Kuang obviously didn't eff around much with the script and everybody overacts mad,but this film wasn't made to collect awards. All in all, a tasty slice of sleaze and Another Shaw Brothers Production that is worth checking out.