Come On Girls (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2004-01-13
Summary: Pleasant and non-violent
Nowhere is the strong link between sex and violence more apparent than in HK film. Therefore, the very few non-violent porns deserve special mention.

This is certainly not a great film. But it is pleasant fun with absolutely no blood split, though there is a scene where a male character is threatened with serious injury, when instead a banana is chopped in front of him.

About half a dozen young women get full frontal nude here, including the great Suen Tong, who has never looked lovelier. Unfortunately, this number does not include the host/narrator. Yip Sin Yi is perhaps the most beautiful porn actress in HK, so it seems a waste that they wait till the last scene to rip clothes off her, and then her going only topless. Particularly annoying, as the final scene lasts a full five minutes, and it features only the girls rolling around topless while they spray the guys with party streamers. Still, it's a pleasant ending.

In between, the content is a silly chat show construct of two gigolos and two female customers of gigolos telling their sex stories.

Better than average.
Reviewer Score: 5