Another Chinese Cop (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2004-01-30
Summary: Pretty good
This was one of my early favourites, and I was looking forward to seeing it again. Unfortunately it was a let down in many ways. The script is sloppy and rather silly. With the honorable exception of Tsui Kam Kong, the acting ain't so good either.

But it's still worth watching. The great cast is still good value, Pang Dan is great to look at, and Bllly Chow is fun as the evil villain misled by her.

Tsui is worth special mention. This guy is one of the great treasures of HK cinema. He makes a moderate part very watchable, and is hilarious in flashback (he is classified as being younger by wearing an awful wig !).

Enough action and laughs to entertain.

Previous review:
Entertaining low-budget police action caper. Plenty of gore, car chases, fighting, stupid low humour and pace. Anthony Wong and Tsui Kam Kong (imaginatively code-named Bald Head !) give their usual solid performances.

Reviewer Score: 5