Gigolo Revelation (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2004-02-04
Summary: Odd little docudrama
Charlie and Lily don't really do their normal Cat III turns here. Rather, they are the rather hokey co-hosts, who narrate and interview the participants. It appears they interview the real people, and the interviews are intercut with dramatizations using actors. Of course there's much innuendo and dirty talk and, surprisingly, not much nudity (there's full nudity in two scenes only, provided by two unknown young girls and Rena).

There are, however, a lot of sex scenes. Hardly surprising. A variety of cocky young men show off their prowess with an odd assortment of women, ranging from rich attractive youngish women to rather old ones.

There are a few surprises. One segment concentrates on the apparent fact that 40% of gigolo customers are bar hostesses, and advances a theory of revenge for bad treatment as a motivation.

The near-lack of full nudity aside, there's plenty of variety of fem flesh. The interviews are rather dull, but some of the segments are pretty entertaining. If you're in the mood for some silly porn, this is a fairly good way of passing 90 minutes.
Reviewer Score: 4