Fight Back to School (1991)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-03-31
Summary: A funny outing for Chow
Stephen Chow stars in this wacky comedy with a host of Hong Kong stars such as usual sidekick Ng Man Tat, Cheung Man and Roy Cheung.

Chow Sing Sing (Chow) is the number 1 killer in the SDU unit (This obviously looks unimpressive on his resume). Due to his crappy progress, he is sent undercover to find the superintendant's missing gun. The suspects were students of Hong Kong's Edinburgh High School, where Sing is sent undercover as a student. At the school he is teamed up with Tso Tat Wah (Ng) a cop undercover as a caretaker and father of Sing. During the case Sing develops an affection for school nurse Miss Ho (Cheung Man), gets sour with the school bully and spawns a triad gang in the school. Once triad boss Teddy Big (Roy Cheung) holds the school hostage, Chow Sing Sing must expose his true form and save the day.

The reason why some people may not like the 'FBTS' series because they take it way too serious. Like many of Chow's films, this one is just a 'sit-back-and-laugh-your-ass-off' movie. This film features some of the most funniest scenes ever (When Tat beats up Sing, Sing chews a condom, the list is endless). Although you can tell that the fight scene where Sing defends Tat from thugs with baseball bats was obviously inspired by 'Police Story' and references to Chow Yun-Fat and Bruce Lee are made.

All-in-all: good comedy, very funny and if you want to enjoy: DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

Reviewer Score: 7