The Irresistible Piggies (2002)
Reviewed by: zarrsadus on 2004-02-26
Summary: Funny but poor story
I enjoyed the movie a lot, some great jokes in there had me laughing a lot. Scroll down to read other reviewer's synopsis of the plot about ugly ducklings and "Pork Chops."
The stereotypical English-speaking CEO was really funny I thought just because of how he was portrayed. Do people who live in HK really think white people are that dumb? Well either way, the joke with him really worked I thought because he was just so stupid and stereotypical womanizer. The girls were ugly at first and of course later on you saw them look like models. The gay guy was really funny as well.
Ah what can I say, lots of laughs but don't expect a real plot here. A little over half-way through the movie (VCD disc 2 heh), the plotline just went downhill. I don't know where the whole corporate embezzling scheme came from but it was convenient to make the overall story work for the girls I guess. If the movie had a more coherent plot this would be better, but as it is, it's still really funny. 7/10
Reviewer Score: 7