Running Out of Time (1999)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-03-07
Summary: Recommended
Johnny To unites Lau Ching-Wan and Andy Lau in a thriller about a race against time.

Andy Lau is a jewel thief who has less than four weeks to live, since he is dying of cancer. But time seems to run short, so he plays a game of cat and mouse with officer Ho (Ching Wan) for 72 hours as he plans his last target - a crime boss (A bald Waise Lee).

I cannot say much more about the plot since it'll spoil it if you haven't seen it. Andy Lau gives a very brilliant performance and convinces the audience that he will die soon. Lau Ching-Wan is at his most funniest here. The action sequences are done in traditional John Woo/1980's HK style which does add a plus point to the film. But the plot does drag on sometimes, which may bother some people.

All I can say is that this film is greatly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 8