King of Beggars (1992)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-03-14
Summary: Quite a surprise
Gordon Chan reunites the 'Fight Back to School' team once again in this period kung-fu adventure with a slight hint of comedy.

So Chan (Stephen Chow) is the son of wealthy Peking general So (Ng Man Tat) who is lazy, rude and illiterate. On his 25th birhtday banquet at the brothel he meets Yushang, (Cheung Man) a sort-of beggar posing as a hooker to kill Chu (Norman Chu) who has murdered her father - head of the Beggars Association. As he is in love with her, he proposes. She agrees to marry him if he becomes the king of kung-fu. As he wins the contest, him and his father are exposed for cheating for the title. The Emperor seizes all their wealth and commands them to stay as beggars forever. In an attempt to make money, Chan has his limbs broken and left a cripple. After a few seasons pass they join the Beggars Association. Chan is taught the sleeping fist and wins in a bid for the King of Beggars - renamed Beggar So (So Yat Chi). Then plans revenge against Chu and to foil an assassination attempt against the Emperor.

This film had a very good story that was told pretty well and the kung-fu was well-chreographed. The few jokes in the film are quite funny but I expected something less-comedic. But it does contain more comedy then I expected. Chueng Man - if only her acting was in comparison to her beauty, but Chow does show acting skill in some of his serious scenes. The chemstry between Chow and Ng Man Tat is inevitable, the scenes between them are probably the funniest. (Apart from the Bruce Lee imitation done by Chow)

Overall, a good movie - a definite for Stephen Chow fans. If you ain't, the fight scenes alone are worth the watch.

Reviewer Score: 8