God of Gamblers (1989)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-03-31
Summary: One of Wong Jing's better films
Wong Jing reunites Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau in a kind of cultish Hong Kong movie which spawned of spoofs, spin-offs and an actual sequel.

Ko Chun (Chow) is the legendary God of Gamblers, a myth to some. As he arrives back to Hong Kong he becomes an unintended victim to a trap and loses his memory. Ko Chun is picked up by Knife (Lau), a struggling gambler who wants to make it big on the gambling scene. Even though Ko has lost his memory, he still posesses his legendary skill. But there are others who want Ko dead and Knife is in trouble with loan sharks to pay his debts...

The storyline for this movie was pretty good and so is the comedy. Andy Lau was really funny, so was Chow in some parts (note taken: when Knife and Jane (Joey Wong) take Ko Chun to stay at a hotel and he imitates the sounds of people having sex). Chow fills up the role pretty well, but the coolest character from the whole movie has got to be Dragon (Charles Heung) a bodyguard assinged to protect Ko Chun. Well, there is little action here, but this was probably one of the earliest 'gambling' genre films, which replaced heavy-duty action with suave gambling sequences. But this ain't really a bad thing! The story was interesting and so were the plot twists. Compared to the average Wong Jing movie this actually contains good jokes, less broad humour and more phyisical comedy and verbal wordplay.

All-in-all: A well-polished Hong Kong classic which deserves the praise it gets.

Reviewer Score: 10