Gorgeous (1999)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-04-16
Summary: Enjoyable SHU QUI movie
Director Vincent Kok casts Shu Qui with Hong Kong superstars Jackie Chan (He came back to Hong Kong after 'Rush Hour') and Tony Leung Chiu Wai in a romantic comedy.

Bu (Qui) is a Taiwan teenager who recieves a message in a bottle from Hong Kong. She takes it as a calling from love and decides to go find this person. The person she meets is Tony (Leung) who turns out to be gay. On her journey she meets C.N. Chan (Jackie) a wealthy businessman and the pair end up falling in love. But other elements in their lives puts their ideal relationship into threat...

To start off: THIS IS NOT A JACKIE CHAN MOVIE! Many of his fans claim this to be an awful Chan movie (yet it is a Shu Qui movie with Jackie in it). I have to agree with Inner_Strength, this is a good movie, if you want to see Chan try something new, and it is a lot better than most romantic comedies released from Hollywood and Hong Kong. Even though it has very little fight scenes, they are pretty good as they are well-choreographed, well-shot and also quite funny. Bradley James is a good match for Jackie as his kicking skills are rather impressive. Shu Qui is really good in this movie, she does fit the role, even though Tony Leung and Emil Chow appear a few times in the film, they are pretty good.

To top it up, just light-hearted fun, NOT the usual Jackie Chan stuff (but it is still good). Recommended.

Reviewer Score: 8