Thunderbolt (1995)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-04-16
Summary: Messy at times, could've improved
Racing actioner with Jackie Chan as a mechanic who has 2 sisters that get kidnapped and the kidnapper demands he races with him in order to save his sisters.

Gordon Chan done a rather sloppy job on this movie, the camerawork in the fights seemed half-done, the racing was sped up and made it look cheap and cheesy. BUT the WORSE thing about this movie is the villain (Thorsten Nickel) who seriously cannot act, just his prescence makes you want to switch it off. And I think the cute Japanese
models at the end race screaming "Jackie! Jackie!" and hugging the screen makes me cringe, was that really necessary?

It would have been better if it starred Ekin Cheng or some other wooden-type actor instead of Jackie, it still would have been a box office hit and more time spent to make the film would've heavily improved the quality and plot.






Reviewer Score: 5