Beast Cops (1998)
Reviewed by: SteelwireMantis on 2004-04-16
Summary: One of my favourite movies (not just Hong Kong movies)
Gordon Chan directs Anthony Wong and Michael Wong with a whole load of stars in a brilliant drama about cops and triads.

Tung (A. Wong) is a slightly dirty cop who is loyal to Big Brother (Roy Cheung). After a bumbled assassination, Big Brother leaves Hong Kong for a while. Michael is a highly celebrated cop that is assigned to lead Tung and Sam (Lee). Michael falls for Yo Yo (Kathy Chow), Big Brother's girl and gets her pregnant. While Big Brother's rival Custard King (Arthur Wong) corrupts Big Brother's Godson Pushy Pin (Patrick Tam). On Big Brother's return a deadly web of betrayal, law and order, friendship and revenge ensues.

This movie had many different subplots to it, like Tung and Michael's love lives, Sam the player cop who gets into bed with a lot of women and a few others. What I really liked about this movie was the realism that it portrayed throughout (except for the end, then it gets surreal the HK way). A lot of dark humour in movie as well, Sam Lee is funny, and Anthony Wong is excellent as Tung, surprisingly Michael Wong is also great.

A cult classic, must watch.

Reviewer Score: 10