The Master (1992)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2004-05-11
After so many recent bad films from Tsui Hark, I thought maybe I'd check this one out on the DVD release. I managed to miss this back in '92 and figured it couldn't be as bad as so many people have written. It's a very corny retelling of the Wong Fei Hong story updated to a late '80's setting in urban America, complete with some very poorly written 'stereotypes' into the 'student' roles . It gave them [Hark & Li] a chance to shoot in the US which, I think, was big in both of their careers. Filmed in 1989 and unreleased until '92, I can understand the poor reception of this film considering the standards had been raised so high, set themselves with the first 2 OUATIC films. A decade or more later, it stands as an entertaining artifact of struggling artists at work. The DVD has very nice picture quality and a jacked up Hollywood soundtrack.

Reviewer Score: 6