The One-Armed Swordsmen (1976)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2004-05-30
Summary: So-so effort from big stars......
First there was Chang Cheh's One-Armed Swordsman starring Wang Yu. Then Wang Yu appearred in a sequel and some other One Armed Boxer films. Later Chang remade the original as The New One-Armed Swordsman starring David Chiang.

A couple of years later, when the 2 actor's were popular, powerful and wealthy enough to produce their own projects, they teamed up to try and out do Chang, the master director who had made each one a star. Produced by the Wang Chiang Film Company, The One Armed Swordsmen is the saga of two one armed martial artists seeking revenge against yet a third one armed fighter who has besmirched their reputations and murdered mutual friends.

This VHS version is tough to watch, but the film is good enough to make one yearn for a widescreen version. The dubbing is horrible. English speaking actors saying "Right!" way too many times. It is panned & scanned with good picture quality. The plotline is totally confusing and the ending is ridiculous but the fighting scenes are pretty good. The two stars fight against each other. They fight separately and they fight together. They have magical powers and can fly.

Reviewer Score: 7