Fing's Raver (2001)
Reviewed by: j.crawford on 2004-06-27
Summary: Entertaining post - Handover exploitation
When I was at the vcd shop in Chinatown looking at the new releases, this one caught my eye right away. The cover art features close-ups of Sam Lee [looking pensive] and Sophie Ngan [looking sultry]. These 2 popular actors happen to be among my personal favorites so I picked it up.

Executive produced and written by Lee Siu Kei, Fing's Raver is a prime example of how exploitation films get made in post-Handover HKSAR. The film opens to a black screen with a narrator explaining the evils of drug taking among todays youth in the 'rave party' scene. Once the morality statement is finished, the film opens into a disco night club with scenes of dope smoking, pill popping, coke snorting and, of course, drinking bottled water.

What is the 'Fing's' of the title? Ectascy pills or Extascy or X or whatever they call them where you live. In the reality of the movie, the pills cause death or brain damage to a large number of kids. After a cranial autopsy scene reveals the damage being done, the police are dispatched to clean up the clubs where the 'ravers' go.

Sam Lee and Samuel Leung play brothers, once again, who work in the night club where the cops think the drugs are being sold. They are both so good in this film, with Lee taking a 'serious' turn for a change. Leung plays the younger, goofy hustler who ends up dead as a result of some triad double-crossing. Maria Cordero is so funny as their gambling mom who gets in trouble with loansharks. A great scene in the film has Cordero, Ha Ping and a couple of other 'senior' actress getting all 'foxed up', going to the club and taking some Fing's pills.

What about Sophie, you say? She's hardly in the film. Cast as the nightclub owner's sister, her big scene in the film has her drugged [with 'magic water' which makes women horny] and doing a striptease/lap dance for one of the bad guys. What a waste. I guess.

Reviewer Score: 6